Hiring experts, professionals, to help your business run profitably

Hiring experts may be a smart financial move for your business, even if the action simply looks like an expense on your books. Hiring an accountant like me can relieve the small business owner of handling the financial burden that comes with juggling books and productivity. The same can be said for hiring a Human Resource (HR) professional.

From Professional Employment companies to HR consultants and placement companies, spending the money can help an executive avoid hours sifting through resumes trying to determine the best fits for a company.

Claudia Shah of EE Connections, LLC in Glendale, California says those who use her agency and agencies like hers will save time and money.

“When a company used to advertise for a position they could get 5 – 10 resumes. But with unemployment in Los Angeles County reaching 12% companies who advertise for positions will now get 500 resumes,” she said.

“With that volume, how do you know how to screen the good candidates?”

She described how a person who was vice president of operations in a company eliminated the HR department. The VP thought she could handle the HR load.

Ms. Shah says what looks like a cost-savings may end up costing the company more money and take a qualified person away from what she does best.

“Why should an executive of a company spend 8 hours a day for 1 to 3 days when an outsourced staffing firm or other human resource firm can step in and handle the job in a more cost-effective manner?”

Consider outsourcing HR or hiring functions as a strategic cost of doing business. Outsourcing HR or hiring could save money in the long-term.

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