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Xero at year end

Just a quick update. Ok so I’ve been using Xero accounting software for 7 months now for my bookkeeping practice. I’m still liking it. The bank feeds are great. If you set up bank rules, makes it really easy. I don’t think I had to hand enter […]

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Get a bookkeeping system that you — and your business — can handle

In my work with small business owners, I emphasize the need for having a bookkeeping system that is functional and that is usable. And if that’s a pen and paper system, that’s okay. And I mean it, even though I’m a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor handling the […]

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A website resource for entrepreneurs in greater Los Angeles

I’m introducing a website resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners around Los Angeles that provides a real-life perspective on all that’s involved in operating a business. The site is called Running a Small Currently, it primarily contains links to small business articles written by Don […]

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