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5 Steps to a tax return

It’s that time of year again but I’m not talking about the holidays. I’m talking about tax season.  I know, who wants to think about that. Besides taxes aren’t due until April. Here are my tips that I share with my accounting clients around La Canada, Glendale, […]

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Your genuine business niche and profitability

Running a business well within a genuine niche leads to business profitability. Recently, CBS News Money Watch posted a well-written article online about finding a business niche and sticking with it. My business niche as an accountant/bookkeeper is working primarily with web design companies, advertising agencies, and […]

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5 basic tips for organizing your office

An organized office is a profitable office. Filing and organizing reduces wasted time hunting for essential tools and wasted time equals wasted money. Organizing an office requires self-discipline, a vision for categorizing information specific items, and the courage to throw away pieces of paper or magazines that […]

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