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Do I need to upgrade my Quickbooks Software?

I get asked that one a lot. If it’s been over 3 years, to me, that’s a yes. Mostly because Quickbooks won’t provide any support for versions that are over 3 years old. If you were to call for support, they won’t help you and will say […]

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We want to welcome to the Your Back Office client family. Ever wonder where your favorite 70’s, 80’s 90’s stars have gone? What about current crop of talent, what were they doing before they were stars? Well go to and find out. It may turn […]

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Jott Still Gone

Ok, for all of my complaining about Jott getting of the cloud,  a new temporary process has been easy to implement.  With my recent purchase of an iPhone  (I know it took me and Verizon long enough)  and a couple of free apps, I am able to […]

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Jott Gone?? A Downside to the Cloud

I found out a few days ago that will be no more. Who cares you say, well I do since I used it to help run my business. To use Jott you call the phone number and leave notes for yourself. You could set reminders and […]

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Security download from QuickBooks Online is phishing expedition

I just got an e-mail from  saying that after april 10, I will no longer be able to access quickbooks online unless I download this security patch.    I checked with Intuit and the e-mail is NOT from intuit. DO NOT OPEN this e-mail, click on […]

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QuickBooks Online & synchronization coming soon!

QuickBooks Online & synchronization coming soon!.

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Hey There… I just wanted to make a comment on personal accounting software. For a long time I was using Quickbooks for my personal database. I know it’s overkill. I have recently switched to Why did I switch? Well…It was an online product, so if anything […]

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