Dwell On Design

I’ve been a fan of Dwell for a while now and finally made it to the Dwell on Design exhibition at the LA Convention Center.

I wanted to highlight a couple of interesting booths,

MOLO DESIGNS – This company is based out of Vancouver, B.C – Basically they have designed softwall, softblock modular systems. What???? Walls made out of cardboard that are flexible and movable. So, someone like me can pop-up a circular conference room in my open plan office. When the meeting is done take down the wall. Here is the website http://www.molodesign.com/products/softwall_softblock_modular_system

BLURB – For all of you self publishers out there you have a website where you can put together a photo book with your best designs and products. It looked simple to use and reasonable pricing. Oh and you can create your book on the go using your iPhone. Here is their website http://www.blurb.com

CARDBORIGAMI – these guys are a non profit based out of Los Angeles that have created temporary shelter for disaster victims and homeless that are in a transition program. A $20 donation buys a shelter for someone. The shelter is treated cardboard that is water/fire resistant. Here is their website http://www.cardborigami.com

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  1. Dwell is a blast this year! Thank you so much for stopping by our booth today and taking your time to learn more about Cardborigami.

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