Get a bookkeeping system that you — and your business — can handle

In my work with small business owners, I emphasize the need for having a bookkeeping system that is functional and that is usable. And if that’s a pen and paper system, that’s okay. And I mean it, even though I’m a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor handling the finances of web design companies, small advertising agencies, and other businesses around La Canada, Pasadena, Glendale, and Los Angeles.

Bookkeeping like this may get you started on the right track

Just use a bookkeeping system and remember the most basic of functions — recording income and expense. If your income and the expenses you have as an entrepreneur or established small business owner are accurately recorded then you’re engaging in good bookkeeping practices.

I’d like you to read this article titled Recording Income and Expenses for Business by Don Simkovich who provides website solutions and article marketing for small business owners in southern California and nationally. He wrote this over a year ago and featured the Dome bookkeeping system. He recently updated it with my input.You can read the article and then click on Your Back Office to get a free spreadsheet template.

Dome won’t make your friends or competitors jealous, but it can help you take the basic steps in getting your business finances organized. Now, when you’re ready to move beyond a paper and pencil bookkeeping system give me a call for a free consultation. I can see if Quickbooks, Freshbooks, or another solution is right for you.

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