Jott Gone?? A Downside to the Cloud

I found out a few days ago that will be no more.
Who cares you say, well I do since I used it to help run my business.

To use Jott you call the phone number and leave notes for yourself. You could set reminders and send jotts to others.
The best part was that it integrated with other applications.  Things like expense report programs and timesheets.  So I could call in my mileage and it would show on a spreadsheet, or start/stop the clock when I was at a client, then download into an Invoice.    I wouldn’t have to write any of this down on a notebook.

Now that Jott will be gone I will have to download all of my important Jott information and now find some other solution that is easy to use.

Will keep you posted on what I end up with.

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