, smells ok

Hey There… I just wanted to make a comment on personal accounting software. For a long time I was using Quickbooks for my personal database. I know it’s overkill. I have recently switched to Why did I switch? Well…It was an online product, so if anything happened to my computer, I could just go to another one an login and pick up where I left off. Another reason is that it links in very easily with my bank, and it’s free. Set up was easy. The budget feature is nice to have. Now I spend a few minutes daily updating and categorizing the transactions and there you go.

Well…sort of…the reporting isn’t as good as I had hoped. You can’t sort by date. Seems odd to me. I did figure out a work around for that using tags and exporting to spreadsheets. Also, my bank had some “issues” and shut down the feeds. We had to wait a couple of days for the problem to be fixed.

Overall, not a bad software considering the price.

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