Setting Customer Expectations

I do the accounting and bookkeeping for creative companies around Pasadena, California like web designers and small advertising agencies.

The profit challenge facing these companies is to stay focused on projects to prevent wasted time just like a company handling products doesn’t want wasted inventory.

Setting client expectations is one of the first steps in running a profitable creative service company.

Here are questions you can ask yourself:

Are new clients positively aware of your reputation? If so, you have credibility when sitting with them to formulate a creative brief.

Did you clearly show them your design style or other style to ensure a fit with their brand?

Did you interview them well on their needs and did you repeat back to them their reason for coming to you?

Do you have a brief outline of the work stages like draft, revisions, completion and have them sign off on each stage? This makes having a change order easier.

While clients can get finicky about the outcome, setting expectations is one way to maintain the best client-vendor relationship possible.

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