Why transaction-based accounting is good for your business’ budget

If you wonder what accountants or bookkeepers do for the flat fee they're charging, then ask if they offer transaction-based pricing.

Your Back Office (YBO) provides transaction-based accounting for clients and that allows the client to accurately budget each month for our accounting and bookkeeping services.

Traditionally, accountants and bookkeepers bill hourly for their services.

However, YBO looks at your bank statement and then charges per each transaction on the statement. A transaction may be a check, invoice, bill or some other monetary activity. There is a client who signed up in this accounting model provided.

Someone asked me, “Jackie, how did you come up with transaction-based accounting for your clients?”

It seems logical and helps the client know what is being charged and why. It’s fair for both the client and the accountant or bookkeeper.

Finally, would you like a free spreadsheet template to use for your business bookkeeping? Sign up for my blog or email me at ybo@mindspring.com and I will be glad to send one to you.

The photo used in this post comes from sxc.hu.

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